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Collective Knowledge Is The Key

Human's role in this planet is not just to reproduce but to also carry on the intelligence of our kind.

Protecting Intellectual Properties

Historically, the world order were shifted after taking over one's intellectual properties. From Dutch to English, English to US dominance. A great pattern Ray Dalio's team mapped out.

People And Power

We constructed a society with the “Fake It Till You Make It” mentality.

If we don't break the cycle, we may create another generation of entitled, egoistic, narcissist leaders with a much higher hierarchy.

Parent’s Essential List | New Born to 12 Months

List of essential items for expecting parent or first born child.

This is a comprehensive list of items ideal for baby gift or gift registry.

A Better Way To Structure A Team

My thoughts in adapting committee structure instead of traditional pyramid hierarchy when forming a team.

Handy Git Commands To Boost Your Development Productivity

I thought I'd put together handy Git commands that I normally use on regular basis. I hope this will help you be more productive in developing your app or managing your codebases.

How Your Social Media Engagements Affect Your News Feed?

The type of forums, conversations, and channels people engage with in social media tells something ( sometimes a lot ) about the person.

"Need to Know", A Checklist For Developers

Whether you are boarding a new ship or taking on a new role in an organization, it is very important to understand the processes and tools that you will “need to know” to set you up for success. I have interviewed, trained, and managed many developers over the course of my career. I hope you find this list useful.

Gap Year

Are your kids thinking about taking a gap year after High School? Are they undecided what to major in college?

How I Took Big Risks In Search Of Big Change

My adventures from a sheltered child growing up in the Philippines to becoming a technology entrepreneur in the United States have taught me many important lessons.

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