How Your Social Media Engagements Affect Your News Feed?

The type of forums, conversations, and channels people engage with in social media tells something ( sometimes a lot ) about the person.

As the saying goes, “you become what you think about”.

In Machine Learning, the systems determine what to display in your news feed based on the people you frequently engage with, the type of content you viewed, reacted, shared, etc.

It is your level of engagement with the channel, the category of content, and many other logical factors that determines what you see.

Did you know you can help train the system to (somewhat) have control of what you see in your newsfeed?

I personally opted out in many channels to help train the system and improve the algorithm to show more interesting topics that adds value to my life.

Social media is pretty noisy and we all need to work to improve the content scattering around the web. It can be powerful but also destructive.

But it does not have to be shallow, negative, and unproductive. It can be educational, informative, and influential which adds value to others.

We are fortunate to be living in this era where we all have the power to tap into other’s systems. It is pretty much as close to getting into other people’s brain. So, we all need to be mindful about each and every type of channel and content we engage with.

Enjoy the power of technology and the digital world. Make every second count.

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