Hi, I'm Rubie

At Sitecast, a software company I co-own with my amazing partner, Bradley Gauthier, we help our customers build high performing web applications.

By extending the platform we built, we enable businesses to focus on their business strategy instead of worrying about the confusing maze of technologies.

I have over a decade of experience in Software Development — from individual project to enterprise level.

On a personal side, I am a mother and I am passionate about helping build communities that I am part of.

Shane Wall
Chief Technology Officer, HP Inc.

I’ve enjoyed working with Rubie over the past few years. As a mentor for Rubie, I have been impressed with her technical knowledge and ability to translate into strategy and business directions. She demonstrates exceptionally strong communication skills and brings great energy to topics of importance. I couldn’t recommend Rubie strong enough!

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Rubie's Funventures

Birth Country

Born and raised in the Philippines, my native language is Tagalog.

By my early twenties, I became fluent in English. I can also read basic Cyrillic and can speak a little Spanish.

My travel experiences and exposure to different languages enables me to recognize many languages.

Migration To The USA

At the young age of seventeen, I moved to the USA. I graduated High School from the Philippines at the age of fifteen! I spent a year in college at a technology school while waiting to migrate to the United States.


With lots of perseverance and a growth mindset, I started my journey in the USA. At the time, I had a series of goals set in my mind -- to become a US citizen, finish college, get a great job, and travel the world.

Pivotal Moment

Day and night, working very long hours each shift at a restaurant, I told myself I was not maximizing my potential.

After a few months waiting tables, I decided to make a pivotal change in my life journey to develop skills and get more experiences that helped transformed my life.

I pursued my goals ...

Customer Service

I landed a job in retail as a sales associate where I built great trust and relationship with my customers. I sky-rocketed the credit card sales in the region.

The manager at the optical department saw my potential and offered me a position to be an apprentice optician where I gained much more experience in customer service and health management services.


I spent my freshmen and sophomore years working full time hours while attending school at the community college with full time credit.

With diligence, hard work, and perseverance, I was accepted and earned a full ride at the university through BOEING scholarships and university grants -- all while working and leading various groups.

I graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Computing and Software Systems from the University of Washington (Tacoma). More doors opened up after I became a US citizen.

** Pictured is my wonderful academic adviser who helped guide me in my journey at the university, Beth Jeffrey.


After college, I worked at HP wearing different hats -- primarily as a platform integration engineer supporting product build overseas and accelerating the engine platform and user interface development. I represented the firmware division and traveled extensively across the globe to meet with business partners.

** Pictured is my former CTO and amazing mentor at HP, Shane Wall.


A rare and incredible opportunity came up where I represented the USA in the technology sector as an ambassador for an international business forum abroad.

World Travel

I am an avid learner and adventurer. I quit my job and traveled around the world where I met a lot of people, experienced a lot of different cultures, learned new languages, and a bunch more. Most importantly, I have improved both my technical and soft skills which could not be learned anywhere else!

It was one of the most rewarding trips as I have helped build a house for a family in Mexico. I also created a product development roadmap and a business plan to build a platform for festivals and adventure planner.


Coming back from my worldly adventure, I met my partner, Bradley Gauthier. I discovered we have similar vision and we complement each other not only personally but our professional experiences. It made sense for us to move forward and pursue our common goals together.

We bootstrapped and built Quantum Pipes. I took the role as the Operations Director to run Sitecast, a Quantum Pipes product.

In 2018, Bradley and I decided to set our roots in the beautiful Northwoods of Wisconsin where he grew up. We both are actively helping the community grow both in economic and technology development.

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