She is a very perceptive and candid conversationalist. Her broad experiences provide her with a wonderful platform for engagement that belies her relatively young years.

Rubie is a person of high energy and high expectations of herself and those around her. As intense as those expectations are, she has an uncanny ability to inspire rather than intimidate.

Her career path is remarkable. As remarkable as her success is are, there is another element that is of significant value in this circumstance. She has a very clear sense of what her path was and what she had to do along the way, and is committed to helping others attain and enjoy the successes she has seen in her life ... 

Dave Juday

Dave Juday, Mentor

Ideal Industries (Owner)

I’ve enjoyed working with Rubie over the past few years.  

As a mentor for Rubie, I have been impressed with her technical knowledge and ability to translate into strategy and business directions.  

She demonstrates exceptionally strong communication skills and brings great energy to topics of importance.  I couldn’t recommend Rubie strong enough!

Shane Wall

Shane Wall, Mentor

HP Inc. (Chief Technology Officer)

Rubie has been pivotal to the success of Sitecast.

She is fearless when it comes to bringing new ideas to the table and finding ways to accomplish goals. And her team-building and project management skills helped us grow into a well-oiled machine.

Most impressive, she has an insatiable desire to learn new concepts and implement them into her life. It’s very inspirational!

Rubie has my highest endorsement and I am honored to be her partner.

Bradley Gauthier

Bradley Gauthier, Co-Owner

Sitecast (Founder)

Rubie is a sharp, hardworking firmware engineer with great programming skills. I worked with Rubie developing firmware for printers at HP.

Rubie works well in a fast paced, dynamic environment. At HP, Rubie worked on a critical project that was understaffed and limited by a short schedule. Using resourcefulness and ingenuity, Rubie did a great job helping to deliver this product on time and with good quality.

Rubie has great communication and interpersonal skills and has the ability to motivate her partners and team members to deliver their best effort. Rubie worked well with teams that were geographically distributed around the world.

Mark Westlund, Firmware Engineer

HP Inc.

I had the pleasure to serve as Rubie Tiburcio’s academic advisor when she attended the University of Washington Tacoma (UWT) from 2008-2010. Rubie was one of a small group of women studying Computer Science at UWT. She was incredibly hard-working, focused, and committed to successfully completing a very rigorous degree program. She graduated on the Dean's list which was a testament to her talent and hard work.

While in school she served as president of Women in Computing Science (WICS), an organization which provided support for all women and minorities studying computing in the Institute of Technology at UWT. I was the staff adviser to the organization and was continually impressed with Rubie's dedication and hard work. She was a respected leader and supportive classmate who regularly offered help whenever needed. She organized numerous WICS events and brought a lot of needed organization to the group. Her work laid the foundation for the organization to succeed and it is still going strong today.

Rubie is creative, visionary, and always a pleasure to work with. I believe Rubie’s potential to succeed in any endeavor she decides to lend her talents to is limitless and I can't wait to see what she does next.

Elizabeth Jeffrey

Elizabeth Jeffrey, Academic Adviser

University of Washington (Senior Academic Adviser)

Rubie is professional and energetic.

As my mentor, she inspires me in her career accomplishment. She provides guidance in both school and career objectives.

She is always patient to every question I asked and provides constructive feedback. When I was struggling to choose my internship, she helped me figure out to make the best decision that led to my success.

I highly recommend her and she is the one you would enjoy to work with.

Zac Lu, Mentee

University of Washington (Student)

Rubie was my manager at Sitecast and directly oversaw my projects from start to finish. She is a present, thoughtful manager and mentor. She is always willing to share her knowledge, and took time to help me grow as a developer by introducing me to more efficient ways to work and troubleshoot. She knows how to get things done.

She drives projects forward with an ever positive spirit, seeing the big picture without missing the details. It was refreshing to work at a place where meetings are meaningful, and the collaborative energy is undeniable. I’d work with Rubie again anytime.

Julia Dickey, Mentee

Sitecast (Intern)

I recommend Rubie for any technical or management position in software or firmware development.

Rubie does not rush to get things done. Rubie looks to make things easier, more efficient, for the next person or the next time around.

Rubie has the drive to succeed and wants to help others do the same. She is always willing to take time to help. For her successors and juniors, it is helping them do things she has done before in a previous role, e.g. Enterprise Ink Engine FW Integration.

Rubie leaves things better than when she found them. While doing her job, Rubie gets exposed to tools and processes. She actively looks for and proposes things to improve. One thing I admire and come to appreciate is that Rubie documents her learnings on the Wiki and sends it out to the firmware community. This is where Rubies efforts will payback many times.

Rubie takes time to learn a given area. She does not stop when she has just enough information to complete the task at hand. She looks to understand the architecture and design to be able to not just implement but to evaluate whether it was the best path forward. I saw this in her work as an Integrator on the project makefiles and build scripts -- she developed a build script to bundle the Engine firmware which was leveraged to build other products. I am seeing some of it now with the UI components and tools.

Rubie works well with our remote partners in India and Singapore. I have heard feedback that it is a pleasure to work with her. Rubie creates a personal relationship with her partners. This creates a level of trust such that when she recommends an improvement or asks for some help, they willing give it to her. Some of the developers can learn from Rubie in this as they are so quick to go to the "us versus them" language when issues arise in areas our overseas partners own.

On the technical side, Rubie has a strong foundation in software development and real-time firmware development. She is a quick learner of existing firmware components. She is comfortable in low level code that touches the hardware and with high level application code.

Thieu Dang, Mentor

HP Inc. (Senior Software Architect)

I was Rubie’s direct manager when she was our firmware liaison to the EE and manufacturing teams. Rubie worked closely with our partners to develop the firmware necessary to complete board turn on and prep for product builds. A junior engineer at the time, Rubie demonstrated strong technical and analytic skills, tackling complex issues and resolving them quickly. She built and maintained a strong network of partners and was fearless in taking on tasks that were new to her. She was a fast learner and quickly developed a reputation as a solid engineer.

Rubie was energetic and dependable. I could count on her to provide deliverables in a timely manner. She used sound judgement, taking ownership for understanding the technology and knowing when to elevate issues to me so that we kept the project on schedule.

Her program management skills were top notch, planning the bring-up of multiple boards and coordinating with multiple partners located locally and abroad. It was a pleasure working with Rubie and look forward to the opportunity to work with her in the future, a truly valuable engineer for our team.

Chuck Samson, Manager

HP Inc. (Senior Project Manager)

I worked with Rubie on a challenging project with a short timeframe. Rubie was the firmware engineer while I worked on the electrical hardware side. This project used technology from two divisions of our company. This made Rubie’s task particularly challenging because she had to interface the two different code platforms from each division, Windows CE and ThreadX / Linux, which she did very successfully.

Rubie also did a great job of quickly coming up to speed on the electronics and hardware side. She was proactive in asking questions about the hardware to make sure nothing was overlooked. She optimized the code for our hardware, making it simpler and more robust.

The project was manufactured overseas which required Rubie to interface with our overseas partners, including providing them with early reflashable code to allow the printed circuit boards to be manufactured in time to meet top-level product assembly and testing. The project was delivered on time, was very well received by the end customers and is generating revenue for our company.

Rubie is very dedicated and detailed orientated. She focuses on getting the job done on time with high quality. She is a fantastic team player and exudes great energy to the project team. I would highly recommend her for any position that she chooses to pursue.

Ed Tucker, Senior Electrical Engineer

HP Inc.

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