I was raised in a house hold where debt is unnecessary evil.

When I moved to America at a young age of 17, I had a series of goals in mind : I wanted to get a college degree, become a US citizen, and get a job with a decent paying and stable salary!

I knew that if I achieve them, many more opportunities will open up. I will then have the opportunity to reach one of my ultimate goals — to travel the world.

Throughout my college journey, I worked multiple jobs, took advantage of scholarships and grants and worked really hard to retain them. They were rather hard to juggle all at once!

I likely killed many brain cells because I did not allow my system to repair which occurs when we sleep. My argument was : “I am young and I could keep up”. I said it probably has the same effect as partying and consuming all those toxic substance in our body! Might as well be productive!

I invested my time and energy with activities that helped me grow — I studied, worked, adapted hobbies that helped me achieve my physical and mental goals. 
I explored and I was frugal with my spending!

I cooked meals at home. Eating out at a nice restaurant was a treat whenever I achieved major milestones.

Then, I discovered my love and passion experimenting in the kitchen! I learned to be crafty and cooked elaborate meals — many times, satisfied me more than eating out for a fraction of a cost!

I also did not have any vice other than my obsession with dance. I was rather “boring” and did not party. No wonder why I get awkward in social situations?

After my college journey, I had similar mindset which allowed me to save resources. 

In five years, I had no debt and saved a lot of resources. I was able to pursue my dream to travel around the world. I went and explored over 30 countries before I reached 30! I was 28 when I quit my corporate job.

It wouldn’t have been possible if I was not mindful of my spending.
In hindsight, knowing what I know now, I probably would have done things a little different when it comes to finance management. But given the things I know then, it was the best decision I could have made!

Regardless of any strategy one implements in any life altering events, I think any of it will only be sustainable if one has the trait we all need — self-discipline.

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