People And Power

The more I learn about people and power, the more I want to break the norm and do the opposite! Call me a black sheep but the dark cycle needs to end!
We constructed a society with the “Fake It Till You Make It” mentality. At some phase of my journey, I got into that trap — to portrait an image of perfection and hide thy true emotions!

After reflection, I learned and I now strongly disagree with that mindset. Why or How So? Because that is what the next generation will mirror! Mirror neurons are what constructed a demographic we now call, “sheeple”. I ask myself a much bigger question, “when will it end?!”.

All these adults who suppose to know everything are actually just good at playing one or few of their personas (masks) in public. It is often what makes people “powerful” or “influential”. In reality, many adults / leaders are level 1 executives, they are positional leaders. People follow them because either they have to or out of fear …

I started learning more about psychology, politics, and finance in my adult years — trying to connect the dots how to play the game. I was too occupied learning so many other things about life — there are so much to discover and learn about the world!

I wish to help change the trend and hopefully educate our kids the truth and reasoning why the world function the way they do — preferably at a young age. They need to know, build a better habit, avoid the same mistakes previous generations did, and help create a better societal flow. It may take a few generations to attain true freedom.

As we can see, many are trapped in the bottom tier because they never have the opportunity to learn and discover their gift. Look at all the communist countries and big enterprises as an example! It is a societal construct to keep the system somewhat functional but will never be fair and free flowing!

The alternative scenario if we don’t break the cycle, we may create another generation of entitled, egoistic, narcissist leaders with a much higher hierarchy. Where it is “ok” to keep people at the bottom naive about this mind game — to continue the modern way of slavery.

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