Collective Knowledge Is The Key

Each of our lives are unpredictable. Anyone of us can literally pass at any given time. 

I believe human’s role in this planet is not just to reproduce but to also carry on the intelligence within our kind! 

We sure have evolved so much since we were created. But from observation, it seem to me we are not doing great passing on the knowledge to enable future generations to thrive.

I do not know what truly happened during the era when the Library of Alexandria was burned to destroy the intelligence on that civilization. But it seems quite symbolic with the series of events happened in other historical events. Part of me feels that is what is happening in our current era!

Our society created a structure where people keep their knowledge within to protect their position in the society.

But when our time comes, what happens? I wish there were ways for us to transfer what we discovered and learned in our journey to give our kind another data point to learn from.

Imagine all the knowledge and wisdom that were never passed on due to bureaucracy and fear of being stigmatized.

Do remember, we each have a book we are writing. Our children are watching and part of them relies on the knowledge and experience we share with them. 

I hope we evolve into a more productive society where we are not afraid to connect and share our unfiltered story for the future generation’s growth.

I believe collective knowledge is the key.

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