Another Milestone Reached: Three Years In A Bootstrapped Software Company

Three years have passed since I have transitioned to technology entrepreneurship journey with my partner -- in life and in business venture. While the Sitecast software has been built over the past 10 years, it is incredible what we have accomplished all these years.

It has been quite a roller coaster ride but we have made amazing progress! Not so many bootstrapped companies often make it this far -- all while building a relationship and our family. 

I thought I’d reflect on some of the major accomplishments and milestones Brad and I have achieved to celebrate the wins!   

  1. Formed a new LLC entity, Quantum Pipes. 

  2. Grew our team, combined, and expanded our network in the technology field. 

  3. Partnered with a code school, trained, and hire interns to help them get their feet wet as they transitioned to the tech industry. 

  4. Hired, trained, and let go of employees and contractors (repeat). The most rewarding is their feedback of how much they learned and enjoyed working and collaborating with us -- even if at times we had to let them go. 

  5. Built and launched a new revolutionary platform for developers -- as one of the pioneers of the serverless infrastructure.  

  6. Built relationships with partners and clients. We’ve helped many organizations progress their technology development, improved their workflow, and most importantly keep them satisfied with the state-of-the-art solution we provide to keep them competitive in their space. 

  7. Bradley presented to groups, served as judge in startup events, spoke, inspired, and helped many entrepreneurs.

  8. Effectively ran our company while working remotely traveling around the nation. 

  9. Moved to a new state and opened a new office location. 

  10. Giving back to the community through our involvement in the economic and education development in the region. 

  11. Met with the Wisconsin’s state government and private entities to help support our initiatives in building and growing the tech scene in the area. 

  12. Created a few platforms to help boost the Business and Technology development of the Northwoods region.

  13. Added many more features to progress the development of the platform which makes it much more powerful. Soon to release an application that will revolutionize the function of one of the organizations we are working with. 

  14. Taught at local schools from kids to professional level. Helping a university boost their cloud computing curriculum. 

  15. Increased our revenue and have positive income stream to support our new entity to keep our 100% ownership of our organization which gives us freedom and flexibility.

It has been quite a journey with lots of compromises but it is quite rewarding. The thoughts sure give me dopamine release. 

We’ve only just begun and there will be many more progress in the years to come. As Brad keep saying to our team, we only scratched the surface. 

We’d like to thank everyone who has been part of our adventures -- our mentors, our partners, and all our friends. We very much appreciate all your support. 

We aim to keep growing!

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