Rubie's Career Adventures


Co-Owner and Operations Director
Sitecast - Present

- Helps organizations efficiently, securely, and rapidly build their ideal cloud based apps on the Sitecast platform from public facing applications (websites) to backend business workflow automation (web apps)

- Strategic and thoughtful problem solver of a bootstrapped technology company

- Defines and manages requirements by utilizing project management tools, articulating feature design documentations, tutorials, and rapidly implementing features using the Scrum methodology

- Involves in platform / infrastructure architecture and development (Amazon Web Services e.g. S3, Lambda), Third Party API Integrations, Security, Sitecast Cloud-based IDE, IoT Hardware Integration)

- Designed, implemented, and deployed sites on the Sitecast Platform

Board of Trustee
Nicolet College, July 2019 - Present

World Traveler
2016 - 2017

- Traveled around the world to explore, learned new languages, and experienced different cultures and traditions

- Worked with a team of volunteers to build a house for a family in Mexico – successfully finished the project in two and half days

- Participated in Dance Festivals across the globe

- Created a product development roadmap to build a platform for festivals and adventure planner

USA Ambassador

- Participated in an international business forum along with other entrepreneurs and business owners from the USA

Platform Integration Lead | Systems Engineer
HP Inc., 2011-2016

- Lead multi-geographical, cross-disciplined partners in Asia, Europe, and multiple US sites to define, design, and deliver firmware features into the print engine

- Represented the firmware team to troubleshoot, unblock partners with any road blocks that were encountered, and helped improve the process in manufacturing sites

- Debugged C and UI code using JTAG Probe, serial log, Multi IDE, and QT

- Collaborated with System Architects to decouple and abstract hardware module code to improve the system hierarchy and infrastructure

- Created wiki articles and trained other team members how to use internal and external tools used for development e.g. Build Systems, Git Source Control Manager

- Implemented additional features to interface platforms running Windows CE, ThreadX, Linux Operating Systems

- Ported a system module to use the latest interface developed by firmware partners

- Participated in hardware design reviews of new product and development electronics, in one case identified a lacking feature that saved the program weeks in the schedule by avoiding a board roll

- Reviewed UI development kit that consists of electronics along with a control panel for firmware development and testing in lieu of a printer prototype which costs tens of thousands of dollars

- Leveraged a full firmware image build to create a minimum firmware image to support Firmware Recovery on Linux-based system

- Independently setup the infrastructure to build the engine firmware by leveraging the existing Build tool

- Sought out and completed the project management training course through HP Learning and Development

- Mentored and trained new firmware engineers in firmware integration and product development

- Participated in the interview process by answering questions about HP and the organization role

- Certifications: C++ For Embedded Developers, Developing Linux Device Drivers

- Participated at the Open Source Convention (OSCON) Forum to learn about the latest technology development in the open source community

IT and Media Assistant
University of Washington, 2008 - 2010

- Helped improve the engineering laboratories e.g. transformed a storage room to an engineering laboratory

- Worked across different departments at the university and attended school full time while retaining the full scholarship and leadership role

- Helped resolve IT and media issues and requests escalated by staff or students

Apprentice Optician
Luxxotica Inc., 2007 - 2008

- Was recognized for outstanding sales and customer service performance

- Helped clients select and fit eyeglass lenses, frames, and contact lenses

- Learned and implemented HIPAA Compliance

Community Involvement

Judge, VEX Robotics

- Worked with fellow technology leaders to help inspire and connect the participants at the first robotics competition in Wausau, Wisconsin

Guest Speaker

- I shared my tips on how to become successful in college -- based on my experiences starting as a waitress when I migrated to the United States to a lead integration engineer at a world-wide enterprise company

- Provide career and industry related guidance to help prepare the students on real-world technology development

- Helped the other tech leaders to educate, inspire, and encourage students to participate in the technology development

Volunteer House Builder

- Worked with a team of volunteers to build a house for a family in Mexico -- successfully finished the project in two and half days

2008 - Present

- Provide guidance in software development, startup and enterprise business models, and career guidance

Latin Dance Instructor
2008 - Present

- Taught ballroom and latin dances at the university, work places, and community halls


Continual Self Study
Sitecast University, Present

- At Sitecast, we never stop learning and growing. The world is our classroom. As a technology entrepreneur, I am actively learning from materials -- books, audio, forums, etc. to stay up to date in technology, business, and personal development.

Computing and Software Systems
University of Washington (Tacoma), 2010

- Applied the MVC methodology to implement games and applications in Java ( library manager, operating system simulator, web crawler, etc.)

- Worked with a team of two to develop a game application using the Android Platform concentrating on the user interface, animation, and test

- Courses: Artificial Intelligence, C, Java, Software Design and Development Lifecycle, Human Computer Interface, Data Structures and Algorithms

- Full tuition scholar and grant (BOEING | UW)

Computer Science
Olympic College, 2008

- Dean’s List Recipient

- Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society Member

Information Technology
AMA CLC, Philippines, 2004

- Top student in the Internet Technology program

- Student Council Body Officer, Public Relation Officer

- Candidate, Ms. AMA

High School
University of Regina Carmeli, Philippines, 2003

- Graduated as part of the pilot program at a young age of fifteen

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