Dr. Barry Prizant writes, “Autism isn’t an illness. It’s a different way of being human. Children with autism aren’t sick; they are progressing through developmental stages as we all do. To help them, we don’t need to change or fix them. We need to work to understand them, and then change what we do.”

At the age of 35, I was diagnosed with Autism. This is a significant event in my life discovering more about myself. Time to celebrate the new data! I made it this far traversing through life and overcame all those obstacles!

I cannot be more grateful for the people who have supported and love me unconditionally in this journey. I am also grateful for those who hurt and caused me harm for teaching me lessons. 

Am I embarrassed? No, it is part of who I am. My brain just functions and works a bit differently than most. It is a gift that I have! I need to focus on exceptional functions I was given instead of what I lack – all while developing skills to offset the ones I need to develop.

Social signaling and emotional management are a couple top things I need to work on to integrate with the world better.

Lots of learning to do but I am on the right path and taking the right steps to move forward! If you know of a good book and resources for adults in the autism spectrum, please send them my way!

I do need to connect with my tribe for a support system – perhaps, it won’t be as difficult for me to connect with them than unfamiliar communities.

I now know I am different but I am not any less – just neurodiverse! :) 

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